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New Television Ads with our Employees Debut

Adventurer C

Southwest debuted a new set of FUN Employee-focused ads today. The new ads are an extension of the popular “Grab Your Bag: It’s On!” spots, but now feature a new set of Employees with some new messages. Wherever I go, people are always talking to me about our  “Grab Your Bag: It’s On!” campaign which launched last summer and continued into the fall with a heavy presence during football season.

The new ads are a refresh of that campaign. The ads aim to highlight that Southwest is an airline that consistently provides a positive experience that keeps Customers coming back. One spot, entitled “Battle Cry,” features ten Ramp Agents “revealing” Southwest’s Bags Fly Free policy. See the FUN here.

We’ll roll out seven new spots over the next few days. The ads will run during broadcasts of the college basketball championship games. One of the ads specifically focuses on the fact that Customers can only purchase Southwest Airlines fares and flights on One of the “stars” of the commercial, HDQ Employee Micah Hankammer, told me about her experience on the set of the commercial shoot. Here’s what she had to say: “It was so fun to get to see and be part of what goes on behind the scenes at a commercial shoot--I felt like a movie star getting my hair and makeup done every day!  Meeting so many fun Employees from all areas of the Company was a blast and made me realize even more how lucky and proud I am to work here!”

To view the new spots and behind-the-scenes video, please the video section of the blog or become a fan on Southwest’s Facebook page at

We are also featuring Employees in innovative jetbridge, print, and digital advertising. So be on the look for Southwest Employees in banner ads online and in the airport.

Let us know what you think of the new spots! Enjoy!


Explorer C
I love love LOVE Southwest & the employee-starred commercial! But please please PLEASE fix a teeny tiny blight on your otherwise impeccable reputation: There is a misplaced (gasp!) apostrophe in the first part of your EarlyBird Check-In info page. FLIGHTS is plural, not FLIGHT'S possessive. Ahh! That's better--thank you! Now I can sleep at night and all is right with the (Southwest) world.
Explorer C
I love flying Southwest. Best airline ever and I LOVE LOVE the humor LOL
Explorer C
That was the best commercial EVER!
Explorer C
I love flying Southwest!! You are always gracious to me! Thank-you!
Explorer C
I literally laughed out loud at this!! One of the best things about SWA is the sense of humor that lives within your culture. When I have a choice, my family and I ALWAYS fly Southwest. I recently didn't have a choice (business trip booked by someone else) and my long-standing SWA preference was confirmed once again when I had to put up with cranky flight attendants, zero personality ticket agents, bag charges and paying for snacks on a 2.5 hour flight. I wanted my SWA back!! (and I actually told them so) You have a forever friend and fan in me. I carry a SWA VISA, am a Rapid Rewards member, always book myself and family online, enjoy talking to your customer service reps when needed, and have recruited many others to join me as a SWA loyalist. Keep up the great work and thanks for being a company to be admired!
Explorer C
As always... I LUV SWA... you are famly!
Explorer C
Loved it--and I needed the laugh today! Your people are why we love SWA (and the bags fly free policy, of course) and the other guys just don't get it! I've been a Rapid Rewards member since 1988, usually qualify for my "A List" status by mid-year and luv, luv, luv ya! I am always amused when I see another airline think they can take you on because they have reserved seating--like my gratitude for the cramped center aisle seat on their crummy planes will offset their surly flight attendants and bargain $5.00 snacks. We don't need no stinkin' reserved seats--especially if we're business select!
Explorer C
This will be my 4th trip to Fla. flying on Southwest and they're always on time. The crews are very friendly.
Explorer C
I'm going to have to disagree with gg. Because the site is talking about the scheduled departure time for any particular flight, it IS possessive, and the apostrophes belong. Sorry.
Explorer C
Such a good campaign! Even 5th graders in my neighborhood know that Southwest is the "Bags Fly Free" airline. Keep it up!
Explorer C
My favorite commercial! Makes me laugh everytime.. Best part.. They really are ramp agents!! Not actors.. Keep it going.. we Love it!
Explorer C
The new courtroom ads with the weasly exec (of another airline) are just great! It puts the focus on the outrageous practices now routinely employed by most US airlines. Like credit card companies and phone companies, airlines are now primarily in the business to screw their customers. I hope that the ads will show many viewers how much better it is to fly Southwest (when Southwest came to Philadelphia, it saved travelers so much money!). I am a fan of Southwest and I urge everyone to fly with them.