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News About Pilot Retirement Age

Aviator C
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has a brand-new business blog about aviation (Jim, here's another one to monitor), and you can click here for their post about some significant changes in the battle to raise the Pilot retirement age to 65.
Adventurer C
When I first started flying on a regular basis, all of the pilots were older than me. After a while, as I flew more often, I noticed they were letting younger and younger pilots command an aircraft. Really, some of them were the same age as myself! Then it happened, they must have lowered the age limit yet again, because I noticed pilots even younger than myself walking through airports. Pretty scary, huh? Now - good grief - they are letting kids fly the planes. Maybe 30 years ago the mandatory retire at 60 years old was a good idea for pilots. Today, with the advances in medicine and overall better health habits, there is no valid reason to keep the retirement age at 60. A 65 year old today is probably mentally sharper than a 60 year old was just 30 years ago. It seems a shame to remove many years of experience from the cockpit based on an outdated rule - I want my pilots experienced. And, I like my pilot to be older than me. West Texas Blog Boy
Explorer C
I can't tell you how much better I feel getting on a plane where the pilot has some gray hair. I want my pilot to have "been there, done that, trained the new kid." I want someone who has seen more things go wrong and lived to tell about it than some young kid fresh out of flight school can imagine. I don't really care if it is a man or a woman - I just don't want some hotshot kid in the cockpit. Call me crazy but good regular medical check ups will make me more than happy to see pilots flying into their 60s - if not longer.
Explorer C
Thanks for the plug, Brian! We're just getting started, but we hope to talk a lot about Southwest and what's going on with its customers and employees at our new blog, which is called "Sky Talk."
Explorer C
I am sure this area to comment, but I can't find any other. It is with sadness that I send condolences to all at SW in the passing of Kevin Mahoney in San Diego. I am from the Baltimore area and at this time we are awaiting word as to when he will arrive to pay our respects. Such an untimely passing. Kevin loved flying and most of all at night. He used to say "I love to look at the stars". Well, Kevin, now you are up there with them. You have shown more kindness here on earth than anyone I have ever known. You will be sadly missed as no one will ever take your place. Rest in peace.
Explorer C
Flying is a passion for pilots, no Capt who is qualified should ever be turned out a 60.