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Next Stop: Mickey Mouse!

Retired Community Manager
Last year was my first year to volunteer for Kidd’s Kids. Nothing could prepare me for the emotional impact it would have. Seeing the smiling faces of so many sweet children, who don’t always have a chance to grin, remains vivid in my memory.

We at Southwest have the privilege to play a prominent role in the voyage of more than 40 children and their families to Orlando, by providing a WiFi-equipped plane.

Each year, we transform one of our Maintenance hangars into the scene of a big gala, and treat each of our guests like royalty. There are movies, games, and other fun activities, before Kidd Kraddick kicks things off, and everyone loads up on one of our Canyon Blues, bound for the Magic Kingdom.

This year, I learned words can't express the joy these children experience. So here are some pictures that better illustrate the point. Thanks to Stephen M. Keller, for snapping the photos, and our Multimedia Head Honcho Rich Matthews, for a video you'll see soon.