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Night at the Museum--SWA Style

Explorer C

Nicole originally submitted this as a comment on another post, but I thought it was so funny and reminded me of the movie, A Night at the Museum.  So, I asked her if we could do this as a post of its own--enjoy!  (Brian)


There's a funny story about how this started.  One of my Coworkers found a little action figure in the hallway that leads to the side parking lot here at Headquarters. She thought that a child may have dropped it so she placed it at a child's eye level on one of the pictures hoping they may come back to find it. The action figure was never claimed, but what happened next was hilarious. My friend and I would always leave work at the same time through this hallway. We started to notice more and more action figures showing up and being moved around to different picture frames and even on the fire extenguisher. All sorts of different dinosaurs started showing up! Everytime we would leave or come into work, they'd be in a different spot!









So we joined in on the fun and started moving them as well, not knowing who was behind this. Little did I know at the time, it was one of my own Coworkers who started it. We happen to be in a meeting and she started talking about it. I told her how I move them around the hallway too! Then my Supervisor jumped in and was like, "I move those too!" Then her Supervisor told us how one time she was walking down the hall, and she had a fellow Supervisor help move them around before they could leave for the evening. It was like a requirement! hahaha. In the last month or so, they disappeared. It was kind of sad because I always looked for them. Then yesterday, I saw a little Lego guy on one of the picture frames! YAY!

THEY'RE BACK!  (Of course, I moved it.)