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Nonstop Love: Fast Lauderdale

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Beginning October 13, Dallas Love Field is FREE!  The restrictions of the Wright Amendment will be gone, ushering in nonstop destinations that span from coast to coast.  Southwest has been counting down the years and weeks (literally—we have a billboard at the Love Field entrance and a countdown clock in our Headquarters lobby) until we can say, “Goodbye, Wright Amendment. Hello, America!"  

We are excited to begin this new era by serving five new nonstop destinations on October 13, followed by ten additional new nonstop destinations on November 2.  The addition of these 15 new nonstop destinations will bring Southwest to a total of 31 nonstop destinations from Love Field. In anticipation of this momentous event, each week we will take a look at one of the cities that North Texas Customers will be able to soon visit nonstop on Southwest.  Each post is written by a Southwest Employee who is affiliated with the city and can give an insider’s view of what to see and do while visiting.  Enjoy! FLL6In 2005, my Department (then known as Corporate Communications) was tasked with pounding the pavement to obtain as many signatures we could get for the petition to "Set Love Free."  I couldn’t be more thrilled to personally experience the fruits of our labor with all of our new nonstop cities from Dallas Love Field—especially Ft. Lauderdale!  Having only been here about 16 months, I've noticed that typically Ft. Lauderdale is not often thought of as a "destination" city—primarily because so many people come through here to get to their cruises or to use the city as a convenient (and less expensive!) way to get to Miami—but don’t be fooled, there is plenty to see and do! Ft. Lauderdale serves connections to over 20 cities with 42 nonstop departures a day.  When I transferred here from the concrete confines of Dallas, I returned to my first LUV, the beach!  In Ft. Lauderdale, it's all about the water.  The ocean is warm; the color of it is different every day, and there's plenty of sand and lots of water activates for everyone!  There is a huge truth in the saying, "It's always better at the beach!"  Please enjoy some of my recommendations, because you could get lost in all the possibilities. Your Ft. Lauderdale to-do list: To Eat:
  • Don Arturo’s: Local flavors such as Cuban or Jamaican are well-blended with the seasonal tastes brought in from the Canadian and European snowbirds, providing many different ways to enjoy excellent food from all around the world.  I suggest stopping by Don Arturo's for a wonderful plate of Cuban/Latin specialties like pork chunks with sweet plantains.FLL5
  • Local Bakeries: Whether you need breakfast or a small pick-me-up, you’ll be able to find some delectable treats at our local bakeries.  Incredible French and Italian bakeries like Croissan’Time and Pan’e Dolci make you feel like you’re in Europe, with the added bonus of a Florida beach nearby!
To Do:
  • Water Activities: You can fish off the pier or out on the sea, standup paddleboard, kayak, or just hang out under a palm tree and read a book.  When in Ft. Lauderdale, you have to take advantage of our water!  Let the sunshine keep you company while you try something new, like paddle boarding, or something comforting, like reading you magazine in the sand.
  • Gondolas West: Ft. Lauderdale is known as the “Venice of America,” and Gondolas West provides another wonderful way to experience the city and its vast number of canals and waterways.  Their quiet electric boat tour takes you right by the beautiful waterfront homes and massive yachts along the smaller canals.
To See:
  • Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show: Also the “yachting capital of the world,” Ft. Lauderdale hosts an International Boat Show in the fall.  This spectacular event that brings in over a billion dollars’ worth of private yachts and super yachts from all around the world.  It is truly a sight to behold!FLL4
  • Everglades Holiday Park: One of my favorite places to take my (now ironically frequent!) out-of-town guests is Everglades Holiday Park.  The television show “Gator Boys” began there, and the park is a really fun and informative way to learn about the Florida Everglades.  Take an airboat ride, and then get up close and personal with the alligators.  I’ve never been disappointed and have seen alligators every time I’ve been on the tour.
My City Secret:
  • Coconuts: Ease into the evening by enjoying fresh seafood at a waterfront table on the Intercostal Waterway at Coconuts—their Key Lime pie is out of this world.  You definitely won’t regret it!