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Now Arriving--the Summer 2009 Schedule!


To quote lyrics from Rodgers' and Hammerstein’s “Carousel”—


June is busting out all over,

All over the meadows and the hills……”


Our June through August, 2009 schedule is now available for your perusal and purchase at, so now's the time to "bust out" and book your trips to get out and see our Nation this Summer!


This schedule is, as always, a little different.  This time, though, most of the differences are quite subtle--pastels as opposed to paisleys, so to speak.  All of us in the Schedule Planning Department are really working hard to make Southwest’s schedule and its production processes more “nimble,” enhancing our ability to respond, closer-in, to rapidly changing market conditions.  This initial June Schedule was built to make future changes easier, and less disruptive, when we may (or may not!) need to make them.  These design goals aren't terribly obvious, but should make any needed changes after we allow you guys to start booking much less disruptive.


In general, the June schedule doesn't contain major structure changes, but I can promise you that in this economy, folks, we’re being more sensitive than ever to make sure our final schedule matches your travel needs as closely as possible.   We continue to fine-tune our network, trimming flights from unpopular “edges” of the day and adding new service and more efficient itineraries in markets to better reflect what y’all want.


Based on your feedback here on the Blog, we’ve got our Summer ’09 schedule out for sale roughly 150 days in advance, and have nearly 200 days of bookable inventory available to help you plan your warm-weather escapades **now** through out the upcoming Summer.    And the cool thing is we may make even more summer service for sale later on, as the economy—and our business—evolves.  In other words—stay tuned!


So start planning those Summer trips,  folks.  To beat the lyrics from "Carousel" to death----amazing beaches?  "You’ll never walk alone” on the beach when you fly Southwest to any of our coastal stations.  Majestic mountains?  “What’s the use of wonderin’” how beautiful our nation’s mountains are with Southwest’s great service to places in the Sierras, Cascades, Rockies, and Appalachians.  And bustling, dynamic cities?  Sing “If I LUVed you” to your sweetie as you wander the streets of metropolii like Chicago, San Francisco, D.C., Los Angeles, or Philadelphia arm-in-arm.  (Yes, I'm a Rodgers and Hammerstein junkie.)

Happy booking everyone!