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To everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn ... and the schedule for the Winter 2017 season is now published! We’re adding seasonal nonstop service in two first-time-ever (for Southwest) markets and they’re both exiting! Beginning on Saturday, December 17, 2016, we’ll add a Saturday-only nonstop roundtrip:
  • Newark/Liberty and San Juan, PR. We’ve been asked about this market many times, and Winter ’17 is a good time to fill some Saturday aircraft time with nonstop between the Turnpike and the Tropics.  The early morning departure times from Newark will get Customers to San Juan in perfect time for checkin time at a beachside resort—or dinner with family!
Beginning on Saturday, January 7, we’ll add a Saturday-only nonstop roundtrip:
  • Dallas/Love and Reno/Tahoe. Winter is the perfect time of year for a ski trip to beautiful Tahoe or to enjoy the gambling, shows, and bowling in Reno.  (Yes, bowling—Reno is the bowling capital of the world!)
Besides those two new Seasonal Saturday markets, there are a few seasonal entries and exits, along with a large number of frequency adjustments to allow for the traffic shift going into the cold weather season. See attached for all the details¸ and if you have questions just let me know!