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Now Showing at the Southwest Airlines Porch in Manhattan


And we’re back with the next edition of what in the wild world of wonder is going on at the Southwest Porch at Bryant Park in New York City.  Over the past year, we’ve partnered with everyone from ourselves to the California Travel and Tourism Commission for events on the Porch, and each event has been incredible.

Today, we embark on an entirely new adventure at the Porch with our first event with our newest partner, the Artists Den. 

What’s the Artists Den? Glad you asked.

It’s 2004; you love music; you love music even more in cool, intimate settings; and you have the connections to make something awesome like that accessible to anyone who’s interested.  Cue Mark Lieberman, founder of The Artists Den. Mark had the incredible idea to offer folks the chance to see outstanding live music in non-traditional settings.  He began by having concerts in his home in San Francisco, and then thought he would love to expand the setting and stage unforgettable concerts in truly unique settings to a larger group than could fit in his living room.  Think the Black Crowes in a silent movie theatre in Mississippi or Ringo Starr and Ben Harper in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  Incredible idea, right?!

Now you are thinking, this must cost a fortune and only be for high rollers and insiders.  Well, no. The coolest thing about this is that the concerts are free.  Yes, you heard me right, free.  Anyone interested in joining the Artists Den’s mailing list has a chance to have their name drawn in a lottery to receive tickets to an event.

Mark and his Artists Den crew have criss-crossed the country filming concerts and turning those into a nationally televised, hit public television series—Live from the Artists Den. Luckily for Southwest we know someone who knows someone and bam, they’ve landed at the Southwest Porch at Bryant Park. 

Over the next three months, the Artists Den is filming a series of three concerts at our precious Porch and will compile those for online and television broadcast  of Live from the Artists Den.  Our first concert is tonight and the band is Squeeze!  The response to the concert has been phenomenal, and we have a few hundred folks who were lucky enough to be selected joining us tonight at the Porch to enjoy live music in the setting of Bryant Park.  And of course, we anticipate everyone noshing before and after the event on the delectable sips and snacks from ‘wichcraft.

So visit for the scoop on this great organization and keep your eyes peeled for the next concert in Bryant Park.  And in between all of that, tune into your local PBS station and check out Live from the Artists Den.  We’re so proud to be working with an organization who, like Southwest, is taking an experience that can sometimes seem unattainable and making it accessible for anyone who has the time to register.

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