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OK - City Appreciation

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Recently, several Southwest Airlines Employees from all across the Southwest Airlines system packed their bags, boarded a red-bellied LUV jet and headed to Oklahoma City (OKC). The purpose of this visit was to do what we here at Southwest Airlines LUV to do--appreciate our Customers. To give you a little background, the Corporate Culture Committee is made up of over 100 Employees who volunteer their time to spread and help maintain the amazing Culture we have here at Southwest Airlines.

april-2008-057resize.jpgThere are Teams within the Culture Committee that visit the airports we serve, our Reservations Centers, Maintenance Bases, Provisioning Bases and Flight Crew Bases to show their LUV and appreciation to the Employees at those locations. Along with showing our LUV to our fellow Employees, we also want to take time to show our LUV to our valued Customers, and that's the purpose of the Customer Support and Appreciation Team.

OKC was our first Customer Appreciation visit for the year. We made sure we were at the airport first thing in the morning, so we could reach as many Customers as possible. cookieupdateresize.JPGWe set up tables filled with cookies, snacks, and Southwest Airlines goodies. One of our Customers' favorite things is the laminated baggage tags we make from a business card, or for those wanting to be creative, they can design their own. It was really neat to see the kid's (and even some of the adult's) faces light up when they saw all the stickers we had for them to personalize their baggage tag. Some folks even tried to pay us, thinking that we were selling the treats and baggage tags.

april-2008-052resize.jpgOne thing for sure, the Southwest Airlines Culture is not for sale. It's a gift from the 34,000+ Employees who work at Southwest Airlines. So, next time you are traveling, keep an eye out for our Team, as we would LUV to visit with you and make you a baggage tag! I've included a few photos from the event and many thanks go out to our video blogger, Bob Hurst, who created the great video.


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I've gone on several of these Customer Appreciation events, and there are always lots of children taking advantage of the stickers and colored pens. But the amazing part is how many adults are down on their knees at the tables with all the kids. Southwest brings out the inner child in all of us at times :-) B
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Benchmark: Bravo! Thank you Southwest for demonstrating excellence with this committee. My company is also preparing for such a committee. I would like to know your process for selecting members? What is the procedure for who makes the committee? What is the structure? I would be happy to speak personally with the chairman, if this is possible? Thank you.