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Aviator C

We have a temporary shortage of posts in the ol' "blog larder" this week, so I thought I would share some unusual stuff I found while monitoring the blogosphere.  

The first "blink" comes from Flight International again, and it is about a priest who is missing after he strapped himself to a bunch of helium balloons.  (The scariest part about this post is the commentator saying that this practice "isn't that unusual.")  

Boeing's Randy's Journal has an amazing video clip of what the inside of the new 787 will look like.  (I don't think Randy's trip to Brazil had any relation to the previous link.)  

For those of you who read our blog regularly, you know that I am a total airline geek.  I've been flying as part of an airline family my entire life (53 out of my 55 years), and since I have been a teen ager, I have logged every flight I have taken--and was able to go back and log earliers through all of the passes I had kept from fifth grade going forward.  My log book is dog-earred and smeared, but there is a new web site,, where you can log all your travels online.  It's free to register, and once your have loaded all the information, you can amaze friends and family with your travel history.  (And, they can talk behind your back about how crazy you are.)