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Ode to a stir stick

Adventurer B
Our long-time symbol of LUV, the stir stick topped with a small heart, was scheduled to be replaced onboard our flights with a small straw.  Upon hearing the news, I was moved to write the following tribute. Dear little stir stick with your heart held high Must we really say, "Good bye?" You've given so many such good cheer With your stick in the cup saying, "Liquor's in here!" If this was your only use I'd understand How a straw could replace you and have the upper hand. Pepper for Bloody Mary's you've held so tight Can anything else ever be right? Do they know of the crowns stirstick-crown.jpgyou've helped create Along with bags of peanuts - a birthday to  celebrate? Children's eyes sparkle with delight As they see you peeking at them in their Sprite! You are part of the Legend and will remain as such Raise a toast stirstick-toast.jpgto the stir stick for giving so much! So you see, little things mean a lot.  On reexamination, the stir stick stays!  In the future I hope you will look at it with renewed respect!