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'Off the Clock' Service

Explorer A
??????????????????????????????? Traveling with small children can be a little bit of a challenge, as SWA Customer Bill Collins realized during a recent trip with his one-year-old and four-year-old daughters.  With his daughters, car seats, backpack, and stroller in tow, Mr. Collins approached the Operations Agent in hopes of family boarding so that he could have some extra time to stow his belongings and get the girls ready for the flight.  It was then when off-duty LAS Flight Attendant Amanda Gauger offered to assist Mr. Collins and took the car seats onboard for him.  Not only did Amanda help entertain the children while Mr. Collins buckled the car seats in, but she also helped them gather their belongings when they arrived at LAS; she carried both car seats to the next terminal for their connecting flight; and she even informed the LAS Operations Agent of their boarding needs.  Thank you, Amanda, for helping this family—we appreciate you!