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Since I moved offices, I have been focused on decorating my office in my spare time. Southwest allows Employees the Freedom to decorate our workspaces. This allows each Employee to display their individuality in the space where they work. Since I probably spend more time in my office than any other room during one day, I appreciate that I can choose my environment.Katie So here are a couple of my favorite office spaces at Southwest Headquarters. My friend Katie's office is so neat and creative. Another favorite office space is Laura's. Laura's Office laura2.jpg Just outside of Colleen's office is a wall of hearts. Our Company is all about LUV, this wall is a great reminder of that focus. Then also inside her office is another wall of hearts. (A lot of LUV!) Colleen's Heart Wall Colleen's Wall of Hearts I chose a Southwest Airlines theme. This allows me to show off a few of my favorite projects and memories from Southwest all in one space. Office We have many more great office decorations and themes here at Southwest. It is always fun for me to step into someone's office and learn a little about them just by looking around. I encourage you all to bring a little FUN into your workspace. Find a way to showcase your individuality with Coworkers. Anyone else have any fun ideas for decorating the office space?