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Oh, Henry!

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We get tens of thousands of phone calls a day, but every now and then we get a gem that is engrained in our memories and hearts forever.  Sometimes we are fortunate enough to book a fare for a celebrity, or talk to a head of state.  Sometimes, we get the occasional Customer who pulls at our heart strings.
And then there is Henry.
Henry came to us late on a Saturday night, about an hour from the end of the closing shift here in Phoenix. Work was winding down, and Employees were wrapping things up.  I was finishing up my closing reports when I heard an agent repeatedly asking, “Henry?”

I listened more closely and heard the Agent ask “Henry? Are you there?”

“Henry? Wake up Henry!” followed closely, a little louder.

Of course, we were concerned for Henry, in case he had fallen or something.  I walked over to the Agent who had the attention of the other few agents sitting near, and I asked her what she heard.  She smiled and said, “I think Henry fell asleep.  I can hear him snoring!” 

We all giggled a little bit as she continued to try and wake up Henry, then returned to our desks.  After a couple minutes, we heard “Oh Henry! I think you fell asleep!”

We all applauded the efforts of our Agent for waking our Customer.  Henry went on to explain how late it was and how grateful he was for our Agent to care enough to stay on the line with him and wake him from his brief slumber.  To this day, there are a handful of us that remember Henry.

All we have to do is say, “wake up Henry,” and a warm smile comes to our faces.

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I think Henry's a cute guy! hahaha! But, if he is snoring, he needs a stop snoring remedy. You tell him that. And do please tell him that I found him very cute!