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Oklahoma City.

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I'm not sure how many of you have been to Will Rogers World Airport but the renovation is beautiful. I recently flew up to Oklahoma City for the Norman Music Festival. While I was at the airport, I thought it might be cool to show you a cool link to the Oklahoma City Airport information site. The terminal is an extremely beautiful upgrade from what it used to be. There are even some decent food choices such as Sonic, Schlotzsky's, and a new pizza place.

Speaking of Oklahoma City, be sure and visit Rob Hahn's video post too.

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When is Southwest going to start flying to Minneapolis? Does anyone read Flyertalk? There is a link here with a lot of posts hoping Southwest will explore that market. The HHH terminal would be perfect for Southwest since there is a rarely a wait at security plus it is brand new. We are tired of getting ripped off by Northworst and need a good airline.