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Southwest Airlines Community

Olivia Denzy’s “What’s in your cube?” Spotlight


The following blog is by Community Programs and Engagement Intern Olivia Denzy.


My name is Olivia Denzy, I am the Community Programs and Engagement Intern in the Communication and Outreach department! I have the pleasure of working on our volunteerism efforts and am currently working on our 2017 Spring Companywide Volunteer Initiative. My favorite job is getting to go to the airport and help send off the Make-A-Wish families to their wish destinations! I was so fortunate to have been a part of the Southwest Family since the age of five, since my mom has been a Southwest Flight Attendant for 17 years and grew up passing out peanuts and pretzels on these airplanes! Southwest has always been more than an outstanding reputable company to me: Southwest is a career, Southwest is a community, Southwest is home and Southwest is family that truly has “No Limits!”



I was offered my intern position with Southwest not too long before graduation and I was so proud to tell everyone my post-grad plans of moving to Dallas to work for one of the best companies in the world! What better way to let the world know than walking across that stage to pick up my diploma with a Southwest airplane sticking out of the clouds with the message, “No Limits” on my graduation cap?!?



Buckeyes are tree nuts that represent good luck, pride, confidence and THE Ohio State University. One of the most popular game-day traditions is to string these nuts alongside scarlet and grey beads and wear them to the games or any other Ohio State functions. I like to believe I have more pride in my school than anyone else and continue to wear them to work with the same pride I would if I were back in Columbus, Ohio.  I wear my badge on them as a tribute to my alma mater and to represent THE Ohio State University at all times! O-H I-O!


A giant map of Ohio (where I’m from) that also holds four cups of coffee at once.



Having a plant on your desk can reduce stress, increase productivity, make a room feel more comfortable, and it just makes me smile when I look at it. I have a slight problem keeping plants alive so mine just happens to be fake; however, I believe I am still receiving the same benefits.



One of my best friends hung this on his wall through college as a reminder to always keep your eye on the prize and let go of all the little things. He passed it on to me in hopes I can use this methodology while I work towards my dream job, just as he did.



All girls love to be surrounded by flowers, what more can I say?