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On June 18, Listen for the DING!

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Listen for the DING! As Southwest Airlines Celebrates 37 years of FUN

On Wednesday, June 18th, Southwest Airlines celebrates 37 years of flying by offering great DING! fares. Southwest will offer rates as low as $37 one-way (not available in all markets), for 37 minutes. Final offers will end before 7:37 p.m. These super-low fares will be offered five times throughout the day.

Subscribers will receive details on the promotion today via DING! Flights will be available for travel August 11 through October 30. Roundtrip airfare is not required to book flights. Listen for the DING! throughout the day for exciting low fares!

Using DING! is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Visit, download the DING! application, and an icon representing the Southwest Airlines plane tail will display in the system tray – the lower right hand corner of the screen, where the network connection and time icons are located.

2. Once installed, DING! will automatically inform subscribers when super-low fares are available with the sound of a bell chime and the appearance of a small envelope above the DING! icon.

3. When subscribers hear the chime or see the envelope, they can click the DING! icon to find super-low fares available only to DING! subscribers.