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On The Fly: Feathered Frequent Flyers


If you love penguins (who doesn’t?!), you’ll want to tune in to TLC’s newest episode of On The Fly tonight at 9/8c.  Two of Southwest’s most special Feathered Frequent Flyers show off their waddle as they take to the skies, only on Southwest Airlines, of course. 

Pete and Penny Penguin and their SeaWorld San Diego Aviculturists fly Southwest all over the country to visit schools, make TV appearances, and get people excited about wildlife in wild places—they even take the time to greet Southwest Employees and Customers during their travels.


On this particular flight shown on tonight’s episode, Pete and Penny made a special trip to Denver to promote SeaWorld San Diego’s newest attraction Manta which opened in May, and to visit the Southwest Rink at Skyline Park.  Denverites arrived in droves to see the penguins, take photos, and enter a contest for the chance to win a four-pack of SeaWorld San Diego admissions and four roundtrip tickets on Southwest Airlines! 

If you’d like to see Pete and Penny Penguin, you can visit them at SeaWorld San Diego and sign up for the Penguin UpClose tour at Pete and Penny hope to see you on their next Southwest flight!

 Check out tonight's trivia below!

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Hello Southwest! My name is Zoey I think I'm your most frequent flying pooch! I fly with mom no less than once or twice every month and I just LOVE TO FLY! We love Southwest so much and will ONLY fly Southwest because you are so pet friendly and make it possible for me to be safe and close to mom when we travel. Fly days are so fun because I get so much attention and feel like a celebrity! Everyone loves me at our airports in Kansas City and Tampa and all the flight attendants ooohhh and awwwe over me because of how cute I am. They are always so nice to me and make sure I know that I'm JUST AS SPECIAL as those two-legged babies. Mom says when God made me he was showing off - so I can't really help how adorable I am and it just draws people in. EVERY FLIGHT passengers approach me and comment on how well behaved I am and they had no idea there was even a dog on the plane. So many passengers ask mom questions about Southwest pet policy and about me flying on the plane. They are always surprised to see me and learn pets are allowed in the cabin. Mom answers all of their questions and they walk away happy, excited and commenting how they will bring their baby next time! I've turned into your unofficial pet liaison, your biggest fan and maybe your most frequent flying pooch. Please have a look at a short video I made of a FLY DAY and you will see how much Zoey LUVS Southwest! Cuteness overload ahead, don't say I didn't warn you 🙂 Zoey on FaceBook! Zoey's mom Lisa I've had trouble emailing the blog team tonight, so just trying to find a spot to stick this post. Please take a peek at my girl's video, she's so smart and precious 🙂