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On The Fly: In The Nick of Time (and Sometimes Not)

The aircraft door very rarely reopens. I’ve had it happen both in my favor and to my detriment.  

As for the latter, I can recall flying through security with worry written on my face, and nary a care for the baggage in tow.  I was greeted by a sealed door; I knew my fate, too, had been sealed.  Not happening.  Not this time.

I was more fortunate on the other occasion.  I raced onto the plane in the nick of time, the door chasing my heels.  The entire plane applauded the fact that I’d made my connection, enabled by a pretty hysterical Flight Crew.

During tonight’s new episode of On the Fly, a few different Passengers are faced with the same scenario: getting to the gate too late.  It’s a really unfortunate situation, and I don’t think there’s a single Employee who wants to tell a Passenger that the door’s not going to open back up.  

It rarely does. 

…until the next plane makes its way into the gate.   There’s almost always a next plane.
(And there's always trivia!  Find this week's below).