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On The Fly: The Return of Ingrid's Hair (and FLL)

I never knew hair could gain celebrity status, but even half-way through Season One of On The Fly, I still see tweets about Ingrid's 'do. You know you work for a quality Company when somebody's hair becomes the focal point of conversation, week after week. Ingrid's Coworkers are also keeping tabs on her constantly-changing hair.  In this picture are her many hairstyles, as documented by one Employee.  My favorite is on the bottom right (I mean, really?). 
In tonight's episode of On The Fly, we return to Ft. Lauderdale.  Shout out to Nuts About Southwest Blog Team Member Ally Harrington, who deftly navigates one tough Customer. And of course, Tennina proves again why I think the world of her. 
But the capstone of this episode might be a giant stuffed animal.

What's the craziest item you've ever checked?  Let us know, in the comments section. 
Enjoy tonight's episodes, and here's your weekly trivia:
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An aunts ashes
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I checked in a Honeybaked ham and cooked frozen soup to eat during our ski trip at Park City, Utah!!
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16 loves of banana nut bread, wrapped in foil. (They thought we were shipped hasish bricks...) btween 4 people, 6 moving boxes, each weighing btween 65 & 68 #, plus a lawn chair.... we moved by daughter to college via southwest... 8-)
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A Russian soldier's uniform jacket from the USSR back in 1989 before the Wall came down, when I was 17 years old. A young Russian child traded it to me for some gum. Rolled it up, and stuck inside some jeans. Would have been in HUGE trouble if I had been caught!
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Our community was issued a manditory evacuation When hurricane Ike was heading to the gulf coast. We decided to take advantage of our Southwest airline tickets and make a long weekend/last minute vacation. We flew to Reno, rented are car and headed to Lake Tahoe. Our weekend trip turned into 10 days when Hobby Airport was damaged and closed for repairs. Knowing power was still out in many communities we stopped at home depot and bought a GENERATOR! I checked it and Southwest had it waiting for me at the baggage claim! I have also brought back a box of artichokes and strawberries from festivals is California. I have check a bushel of cherries, box of crabs and salmon from Washington. I eat all I can and bring home even more! Thank you Southwest Air for helping me make many happy weekend "run away from home" memories!! You have made exploring our wonderful country easy.
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I always pack the heavy purchases from Trader Joe's: trail mix, soap, rice, etc! Carry on bag contains the cookies!
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I checked DOMINOES, threw them in n the bottom of a tall, roller, leather suitcase, in order to play "ChickenFoot" on a cruise. Returning home with BUNCHES of dirty clothes on top of them, THEY (security), took everything out to find out what the little squares in the VERY bottom were.........seems like explosives come in small square shapes ????????? (Oh well, I didn't win Chicken Foot either, as I recall- LOL)
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My step-Grandma, in her casket...yeah..creepy!
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A huge box of snow (wrapped in several garbage bags) from Salt Lake City, Utah to Oakland, California. I was in college at the time and my girlfriend, who lived in the bay area, had never seen snow before. It was the middle of winter and very cold in Utah. Of course, at 35,000 feet, it is very cold as well. When we landed, the box came through with regular baggage. I drove to my girlfriend's house and made a bunch of snow balls on the front lawn. She came out and we had a pretty good snow ball fight. Great times! And best of "bag" flew free!
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While I was a SWA flight attendant, I checked an airplane propeller for a man who wanted to bring it on board. Thought that might unnerve some passengers, and it was huge!!!!