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On The Fly: When Training Saves Lives

Retired Community Manager

One of tonight's episodes of TLC's On The Fly tells a really heartwrenching story.  If you've seen the previews, you see a man collapse, captured on surveillance video.  One of our Employees then leaps into action to do what he can to save the man's life. 
It's not the first time a Southwest Employee has had to put his/her training to the test, due to unforeseen circumstances.  In San Francisco, one Employee saved another's life, when Ramp Agent Douglas Wong collapsed while loading bags.  It's a story we've told in this space, but it's worth sharing again, in light of tonight's episode.  And it's one of many stories of heroism at Southwest, and one of the many reasons I have so much pride for this Company. 
If you haven't seen this video, enjoy one really amazing story, put together by Stephen M. Keller.  This week's trivia is located directly below the video!