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On The Road Again...

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I have to admit it, I just love to travel. It is not uncommon for me to arrive home from five days of flying and ask my wife if she would like to go somewhere for the weekend! When I was young, my uncle traveled the world for a communications company and to receive his postcards from the far reaches of civilization was pretty incredible. I still get a rush from thinking about a recent flight sequence where I awoke in Orlando, lunched in New England and had dinner on the West Coast. The only journey that is more amazing is the one experienced by any of the former astronauts and mission specialists working for Southwest where they had breakfast in Houston or Florida and lunch aboard the space shuttle circling the Earth. Now, that's traveling! As Pilots we have a wonderful window seat that allows us an unbelievable view of this great world of ours as it passes below. I still can't pinpoint what I like best: is it the travel, meeting new people (I greet upwards of 1,000 Customers a day on our flights), the cities I visit, sites I see, or the different hotels we stay in? The half-day commute I have from my home to my base crosses 5 states; I even find that exciting. Just imagine, one of our West Coast based Flight Attendants commutes from her home in Greece; my fun meter is pegged out just thinking about that opportunity!!! Hilton Hotels is presenting some new tag lines that I think were written with me in mind. I was on hold yesterday booking my next adventure and heard the following; "Travel should transform you; it should feed your mind and invigorate your body. Travel should be more than A to B. Travel should take you places." I couldn't agree more.