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On your mark...get set...RUN!

Adventurer C
On Sunday, April 1, a group of enthusiastic Southwest Employees woke up early to cheer on the runners participating in the Big D Texas Marathon in Dallas. Armed with pom-poms, giant foam "#1" fingers; airplane hats; and motivational signs; big-d-marathon-029.jpgour Team did its best to encourage the runners as they neared their goal of 26.2 miles. Our water station was at mile 21, big-d-marathon-004.jpgwhich was the last water stop for the marathon runners before crossing the finish line. Needless to say, most runners were very appreciative of the water, Gatorade, candy, and encouragement we provided! Just for volunteering to host the water station, we raised $300 for the SWA Employee Catastrophic Assistance Charity! Cheering for marathoners holds a special place in my heart. big-d-marathon-008.jpgI ran my first marathon in April 2004 before my 30th birthday, and I ran my second (NYC) later that year. I've since given up marathon running but have adopted cheering for marathon runners as my new favorite hobby. I'll never forget how much it meant to me to have friends, family, and countless other supporters there cheering me on! Congratulations to everyone who finished the Big D Texas Marathon...what an accomplishment!