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“One If By Land; Two If By Sea; Three If By Air”

Frequent Flyer B
With our new service to Boston Logan starting on August 16, I wanted to learn more about the city’s history and what better way than to do a podcast? And what better way to find out about Boston than to interview one of the most influential people in American history? Yes, Paul Revere makes an unscheduled appearance on this episode of Red Belly Radio.

Did you know Paul Revere had 16 children? Or that he might have been involved in the Boston Tea Party? His image appears on the $5,000 Series EE Savings Bond and he was active in the Sons of Liberty. And it seems he never yelled “The British are coming!”

You are probably assuming I did a lot of digital trickery sampling decedents of the original midnight rider to get the voice accurate. I thought of that but realized that would be ridiculous. No, it’s our own John Jones who works on our Graphic Design and Creative Services team playing the role of Paul Revere.
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