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One Square Mile: Texas - Sneak Peek

Explorer C
OSMTXGreetings from Texas, My husband, Carl and I are the creators of the Southwest-sponsored documentary series ‘One Square Mile: Texas’  that premieres online and exclusively to Southwest Friends and Customers on January 8, 2014.  Additionally, the series will be available on all Texas PBS stations beginning January  2014.  The series sheds light on what it means to be Texan in contemporary American culture through the lens of nine distinct square miles across Texas. When we began creating the One Square Mile: Texas series, we approached iconic Texas-based brands for sponsorship and Southwest Airlines was at the top of our list.   Southwest is representative of Texas beyond the stereotypes of boots and big hats—the airline grew from its Texas roots to now carrying one in four domestic passengers.  Southwest is an anomaly, not only in the airline industry, but in business in general. It’s known across the planet for great Customer Service and authenticity by NOT being just another airline.  I sincerely believe that whatever “magic” exists in the universe, Southwest has a firm grip on it.  With the OSMTX series, we are approaching Texas from the perspective of the individual.  Southwest's expertise lies in the appreciation of the individual and with its strong Texas roots, we are completely thrilled to have them as a sponsor and partner. In the same way that Southwest has grown as an airline, we hope to grow the One Square Mile series—responsibly, with heart and for the common good. Watch a preview of the series below, and see an exclusive sneak peek at the first full episode at: OSMTX Season One Teaser from One Square Mile: Texas on Vimeo.