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One of Those Days

We all have our days.  If you tried to buy tickets, or check in for a Southwest flight today, you likely encountered slow service and some frustration. 
Throughout the day, we experienced technical hurdles involving a variety of systems, including and our in-airport check-in.  Our Teams have been fully aware of the situation and worked diligently to fix any problems as quickly as possible.  We can assure you that at no time was Customer information compromised, and flight operations were not impacted. 
Like I said, we all have our days.  Unfortunately, today decided to be one of those days for us.  We want to offer a great, big apology for any inconvenience this has caused, and thank you for your patience and understanding. 
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So what happened?
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You must have been slow giivng our early bird seats as well...Never have I gotten out of the 20's and now I paid to get #41......