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Southwest Airlines Community

Onward and Upward

Adventurer C
It's been a week since we launched...thanks to all for feedback, ideas and contributions. When we set out on this journey it was clear we couldn't do all we wanted at launch. What you can be sure of is that we have lots planned. Here is some of our fave feedback:
  • Add photos. We're going to incorporate Flickr into the site so that you can easily share shots with our readers and us. We'll also flag some of our favorites. This is something we planned to do at the outset and your comments emphasized what a great idea this is.
  • Share some of our favorite Customer letters. We get a ton and we're happy to share some of the best of the best, as in this example from Brian Oberkirch.
  • Add more insider tips about traveling on Southwest as described by Robert Scoble on his blog.
Special shout-out to Andy Lark, our master of all things blog, and our design firm, RD2. Without them, we'd just be a blank page.