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Operation Boomerang: Jett's Jaunt

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When I first started my job on the Southwest Airlines Social Media Team, my Coworker, Brooks, told us that every tweet is a story – and he is right. One week in early March this year, I saw a tweet from one of our Customers, Steven Frischling (@flyingwithfish). He and his family recently adopted a nine-week-old Weimaraner puppy from a breeder in Longmont, Colorado. Another puppy from the same litter had been adopted by a family here in Dallas. Though the family that adopted the puppy had waited awhile to adopt him, after nine days, they were unable to care for him anymore.

Steven reached out to us on behalf of the breeder to see if anyone at Southwest Airlines would be able to fly this puppy back home to Colorado to be with his family.

As a dog lover, I was immediately interested in helping.  I spoke with Steven and to the breeder, Christine, to develop a plan. Christine, whose dogs names all carry the prefix of "Cheyenne Weimaraners," has had weimaraners as part of her family since 1992. “We breed infrequently,” Christine said, “but to date, we have produced four generations of champion Weimaraners. We primarily compete in dog shows, but have also done hunt tests, obedience, agility, and tracking with our dogs. Weimaraners are a very versatile breed ... there’s only one thing you can’t do with a Weimaraner – nothing!” 

Jett and Christine
Christine and Jett

I picked up the puppy from his owners in Dallas and we hopped on a Southwest flight to Denver the next day to be with Christine and his family. Although I only kept him for one night, he was the sweetest, most loveable houseguest I have ever had – it was puppy LUV at first sight. He was the perfect gentleman on our trip to Colorado, which was not a short flight! The Crew on our flight immediately fell in love with him, and he patiently waited in his carrier during the whole trip.

This puppy, born on Christmas Day in 2012 along with his brothers and sisters, is one of the sweetest Weimaraners Christine has ever bred. Once back home with his family, “It has impressed me to no end with how he’s handled each new situation in stride,” Christine said. “I’ve found him a new forever home where he can shine and I will still have the opportunity to see him several times a year. He’ll be a Junior Showmanship and Therapy dog.” There is also a chance he could end up at the Westminster Dog Show!


Although the puppy had been given a name by his previous owners, when he returned to Colorado, he was quickly given a new name. “We decided that ‘Jett’ was the perfect name for him,” said Christine, as the little guy logged 1800 miles in the sky before he was 3 months old – talk about an experienced traveler!  Christine said that Jett is registered as “‘Cheyenne’s Comeback Kid,’ in honor of his rocky start in life.” She refers to his journey as “Operation Boomerang,” since he ended up right back where he started – and where, undoubtedly, he belongs. 

The phrase “everything happens for a reason” comes to mind when I think of Jett’s journey. Because of our help, he got to go home and be with his family and is now on his way to a new home, and a new journey. We at Southwest Airlines will always LUV you, Jett!

"Christine, who's dogs names all carry the prefix of "Cheyenne Weimaraners", has had weimaraners as part of her family since 1992. "