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Orange You Glad We LUV You?

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Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the oranges.

Especially yesterday because Orange County celebrated 15 years of Service with Southwest Airlines, and we had a tubular time.

Not to mention that SWA is SO in LUV with the OC.

Fun in the fake sun was had with some summer classics blasting from a souped up iPod, and someone attempted faux surfing on a surfboard loaned to us by the US Open of Surfing, of which Southwest is the official sponsor. No one has ever said Southwest celebrates quietly.

In lieu of catching waves--large bodies of water inside the Station, while fun, wouldn’t be conducive to our operations--Customers caught some sweet prizes. Our “Golden Ticket” contest gave California residents a chance to win a pair of roundtrip tickets if they received one of the 15 bags of peanuts that has a special code that deems them a winner. And our Click ‘N Save® Enter-to-Win contest gives anyone a chance to win the same prize by simply filling out an entry form.

How bodacious is that?

To cool off, a complimentary OJ and ginger ale beverage called the OC LUV Splash was served up along with some scrumptious cookies.

Sure, Southwest’s fares can definitely go low, but how low can our Customers go?  We tried answering that question with a rousing game of limbo. Everyone AND their grandmas dug it and pushed their spines to seemingly impossible limits to clear the very low limbo bar in hopes of being awarded some Southwest schwag. Even those who were unfortunate enough to lose balance mid-backward-bend were given a consolation prize. That’s the Southwest way!

Our Employees and Customers are also boogey-ing down because Southwest now offers direct service to San Francisco. One of the most amazing products the LUV Airline offers is the Freedom to Fly without worrying about emptying your bank account, and a quick trip to the Golden Gate City is just one leg of many that follows the wallet-friendly rubric. The Beach Boys song “I Get Around” comes to mind when thinking about the 65 cities we service (soon to be 68 with service to LaGuardia, Boston Logan, and Milwaukee on our horizon).

While the skies may be cloudy outside, everyone’s Spirit at the Station is bright and sunny. The Southwest Effect is more than just challenging other airlines with low fares, it’s the LUV and Heart our Employees give our Customers every day.

Thank you, Employees of SNA, for following the Southwest Way in everything you do.

Happy Anniversary Orange County!


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15 years of service is a great accomplishment! In my opinion however, what customer's (like me) want to know is: When is there going to be an update on the Wi-Fi status? It's been almost two months since the last update! When can customers expect SWA to outfit more of it's fleet?
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Great article! Thanks for sharing.
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You rock Ray! I miss ya!