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Oshkosh Countdown--Air Venture 2010 Begins

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Over the weekend, most of the airplanes arrived, and today (July 26) is the first official day of Air Venture 2010 in Oshkosh, with mass arrivals of several types of aircraft.  Tonight the rock group Chicago will be on stage with the opening performance, but today is all about the aircraft.

On our end, we are wrapping up the loose ends and are very excited about our appearance in Aero Shell Square this Saturday.  Our 737 will be open for tours, and it will be staffed with a lot of my fellow Employees, so if you are at the show, stop by and see us.  For you fellow aviation geeks, the airplane will have a special Air Venture decal on the Pilot's side of the airplane.

While we are at the show, we will be tweeting, so check out our Twitter account @southwestair.  I will actually be up there a day earlier on Friday with a couple of Coworkers as the “advance party.”  My personal Twitter account is @blogboy, and I will be tweeting from the show on Friday.

In the meantime, if you are thinking about attending, full information is available at the EAA’s web site.  This will be our last Oshkosh update until we get on site.