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Our April Star: Diana Snow

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 “I love bringing children into the cockpit. Watching their faces light up stays with me forever.” 

Diana Snow, Captain 


Nearly 20 years ago, Diana Snow was drawn to Southwest Airlines because of its Fun-LUVing reputation, but it’s the world-famous Southwest Hospitality that makes this the perfect place for her. As a Captain, Diana is known for going above and beyond the call of duty for her Cohearts and Customers. When it comes to flying, Diana loves the thrill of knowing that no day is the same and that our Customers each have a different story to tell. She truly believes in taking time to care about Passengers and Employees alike. Thank you, Diana, for exemplifying the true spirit of Southwest every day. —Steph Logue, Communication and Outreach 


Pride of Place “I’m proud of the People I work with. We all have a common goal of running the best airline in the world.” 


Just Relax “Noise is a norm in aviation—from a jet engine to the clamor of crowds. I’ve always enjoyed the peacefulness of the outdoors—it lets me recharge.”


Home Away “This job lets us live in one place and work out of our bases—I live on the North Carolina coast; BWI is my base. It can mean a long time without our families, but it makes us appreciate what we have at home.”


 Captain Diana SnowCaptain Diana Snow