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Our August A-Lister: Sarah Harmeyer

Adventurer B

“Meeting people and hearing their stories—those are always my favorite moments while flying.”

                                                         —Sarah Harmeyer, Founder, Neighbor’s Table


Throughout 2011, Sarah Harmeyer set out to serve 500 people at a farmhouse-style cedar table in her Dallas backyard. Her mission was simple: to celebrate the power of people gathering to share a meal and their stories. Sarah met her goal that year, and since then has served nearly 2,500 people at her original table. She’s now started a nationwide love mission called Neighbor’s Table, and with her father, she has delivered handmade “Neighbor’s Tables” to homes across the U.S. Sarah uses Rapid Rewards points to fly home after deliveries, and Southwest is happy to have played a role in her efforts. Keep spreading the love, Sarah! 


Change of Pace “I’d like to visit Mackinac Island in Michigan. The absence of cars seems refreshing.”


Good Eats “Nothing tops Escalante’s in Houston. It’s a priority when I land!”


Have a Nice Flight “Be generous and gracious when you fly. It makes everyone’s experience more pleasant, including your own.”






photo by Justin Clemons