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Our August Star: Nashville Customer Service Agent Cassandra Gess

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“Southwest Airlines empowers me to be an advocate for my Customers.”

                                                                        —Cassandra Gess, Customer Service Supervisor


If you’ve heard singing and laughing through the Nashville airport’s gate speakers, there’s a good chance you’ve been around Customer Service Supervisor Cassandra Gess. Working
at an airport can be stressful, but the ups and downs don’t keep Cassandra from her favorite hobby—laughter. Whether she’s cracking jokes with Customers, Coworkers, or fellow Nashvillians at an open mic night, Cassandra says as long as she’s laughing, she’s good. She shows her Warrior Spirit, Servant’s Heart, and Fun-LUVing Attitude wherever she goes, which is evident through her service at Ronald McDonald House and her participation on Southwest Culture Committees, both local and Companywide. Thank you for keeping a smile on our faces, Cassandra!


Wedding Bells “When we were asked to make an announcement in our Baggage Service Office for a newly engaged couple, we made signs and got flowers, champagne, and a photographer!”


Ripple Effect “If I’m doing right by my Customers, I’m also doing right by my Company, both of which are very important to me.”


Take a Hike “Within a few hours of Nashville, there are some beautiful trails, swimming holes, and waterfalls. Check out Fall Creek Falls, Radnor Lake, or Cumberland Caverns.”