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Our February A-Lister: Branden Harvey

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“Don’t be too shy with your seat neighbor. You never know how interesting the person might be.”

                                                                                       —Branden Harvey, Digital Storyteller


Branden Harvey’s love for Southwest Airlines began when he and his now wife, Sammi, lived on opposite sides of the country. What started as a way to manage a long-distance relationship with low fares and reliability turned into a lifestyle for this digital storyteller. With his trademark blond curl and camera in hand, Branden is on a quest to find the good in this world. He’s often inspired by the actions of Southwest Employees and the stories of people he meets from his seat of choice: the middle seat. With plenty of good left to discover—not to mention nonstop service from his home base of Nashville—this Instagram and Snapchat storyteller will keep on soaring. Follow him @brandenharvey. 


Memorable Moment “On one of my first Southwest flights, I saw someone propose to his girlfriend. The whole plane started cheering.”


Rapid Redemption “I love spontaneity, so I love my Rapid Rewards points. When I hear about something amazing happening, I don’t hesitate before cashing in for a ticket to go tell the story.”


Right Now “I focus on telling hopeful stories. I do that through a podcast, Sounds Good, and a weekly roundup called ‘Goodnewsletter.’”


Photo by Jason MyersPhoto by Jason Myers