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Our June Star: Tampa Operations Agent Tauren Patel

Explorer A

“The most important thing is adapting to change and working as a Team.”

Tarun Patel, Operations Agent

When Passengers line up to board a plane in Tampa, Florida, there’s a good chance they’ll be greeted by smiling Operations Agent Tarun Patel. Delivering excellent Hospitality is a way of life for this 15-year industry veteran who got his start with AirTran Airways. Tarun exemplifies The Golden Rule and always goes the extra mile. Aside from scanning boarding passes and greeting Customers, the most critical part of Tarun’s job is calculating the weight and balance of the aircraft to ensure it can fly safely and arrive ontime. Off the clock, Tarun takes inspiration from Southwest when he assists his wife with her art and wine franchise, Bottle & Bottega. It’s a competitive market, but, like with Southwest, Tarun’s focus on customer service makes it one of a kind! Bright Lights “I’ve never lived in a small town, so I’m drawn to larger cities. I like to try my luck at the casinos in Las Vegas, and I also love Nashville’s upbeat music scene.” Sea Change “I volunteer at the annual Southwest beach cleanup in Tampa. We’re proud of our beautiful beaches and want to encourage travelers to visit again.” On Your Toes “No two days are ever the same, and that’s what makes work even more exciting.”   Photo by Bob Croslin