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Our September A-Lister: James Taylor

Explorer C

“Get outside of your comfort zone. It’s good to take chances and challenge yourself.”

                                                                                     —James Taylor, Engineer, Stay-Lite Lighting


Four years ago, James Taylor took a Southwest flight after his original travel plans fell through—and he hasn’t looked back. An avid skydiver, James can handle high stakes and adrenaline rushes, but when it comes to business trips, he prefers to keep things stress-free. That’s where Rapid Rewards comes in. James loves bringing his wife and son on longer trips, which his Rapid Rewards points and Companion Pass status make possible. Southwest’s no change fees also make maintaining a work-life balance easy. And if his last meeting of the day is canceled? No problem. James can hop on an earlier flight and be home even sooner. We’re so glad you took the jump with Southwest, James! 


Pass It On “A little understanding goes a long way. If you have the opportunity to help someone, it makes flying better for everyone.”


Same Difference “Whether you’re a first-time flier or you fly every week, Southwest gives first-class service without the cost or stress.”


High Regard “If you’re ever in Milwaukee, visit Skydive Midwest for an experience—and views—that will blow your mind.”


 Photo by: Sara Stathas