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Our Six-Month Blogoversary

Adventurer C
It seems like just yesterday we were hunched over the computer repeatedly hitting "refresh" and waiting for that first blog comment to appear. The anticipation and excitment of launching this blog six months ago now pales in comparison to the daily pride and awe I feel when I visit "Nuts" and see the incredible dialogue being generated between our Employees and blog visitors. I'll refrain from launching into a long, boring "thank you" list but I will ask all of you for a small six-month blogoversary gift...your feedback. What do you like? Not like? Want to see more/less of? (And before you suggest "Flickr," yes, we are working on it.) After all, this is your blog, we just have the pleasure of producing it for you. Thank you for six awesome months...we look forward to many, many more.