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Our Southwest® Promise


The Safety and well-being of our Employees and Customers, and all of our neighbors, families, and friends in the communities we serve, has always been our top priority. Never has that duty to serve been clearer than it is now. That is why we are making several changes to many of our procedures to employ stringent cleaning and Safety practices to support the health and wellness of our Employees and Customers. We’re calling this the Southwest® Promise. Our Southwest Promise includes using electrostatic anti-microbial spray treatments and disinfectants, cleaning aircraft between each flight, and changing our boarding process to promote personal space. 


Learn more about the Southwest Promise and what it means when you are ready to travel.



Collectively, at Southwest Airlines, we consider our work to be more than a career; it’s a calling. Yes, this current challenge is unlike any we’ve faced before, but we are battle-hardened, and we are resilient. We will approach it as we have many other challenges throughout our nearly five decades: with our Southwest Hearts, and with a determination to provide our Customers with the utmost care and assistance.


Like you, we feel extreme gratitude for those who are serving on the frontlines of this pandemic. And from our own frontlines to our back offices, we share an immense pride in the service we’re providing to our Customers for whom travel is essential right now. Our sense of responsibility cannot be understated. In the future, we are committed to reconnecting our Customers to the people and places they love. So as we warmly await your return, we add the Southwest Promise to a nearly 50-year commitment of unmatched Hospitality and an unwavering focus on Safety.


We are here to help you move through this new way of travel with the same warmth, care, and reliability you expect from us—today and every day. From check-in to deplaning, our focus is and always will be taking care of you and our Employees.


Stay Heart Strong,

Gary and our 60,000 Employees

Active Member

What a bunch of Blarney. It took all this time to do what the other airlines were doing when I canceled my $659.00 flight that you still are hanging on to my $. Why should the burden of labor be put on me to find out if my flight was cancelled ? All I want is my $ back on my credit card but instead its in your lock box earning interest.

What kind of bait and switch airline are you? Dazzle people in w a bingo card of fare and the font on the fine print is so small you feel like Ray Charles to read it(rest loghis soul) and there issue much of it. You hide behind all the attorneys & your Top Contributors and act like you even care about the Customers? Why not have assigned seating during a crisis? The top contributors do a good job censoring people including me.Pretty smart giving those people perks to side & censor your blog. if there is a way to put your Customer Service Labor on the Customer you will find it. You act like you got a monopoly. Spend 5 min selling an air ticket you should spend 5 hours of service on the Customer instead the Customer has to fight fornhimself and even pay ala cart funds to get early boarding. Early boarding fees are an admission that you are all about the highest profit w your labor cost shifted to the customer. The worst arrogant Airline I ever dealt with Southless

New Arrival
  • Flight #160 today, BNA-DEN, moments after receiving the email of SW cleaning their planes, I was put to sit in a row full of dirty seats.  Crumbs, dirt and grease spots.  I cannot avoid this at work, but to have it on a plane from a company that promises cleanliness? I'm not traveling for vacation or see family, but working in the ER during this pandemic.  It angers me that the corporation is putting out lies about cleanliness to the public via emails, yet does nothing in person to help with this.
Active Member

Tanya awesome comment. Thanks for working in ER. I only booked because my best friends wife got a life threatening illness. I have anxiety about flying but cancelled as the gov said not to fly & I feared I may put my friends family & wife at risk. I didnt read the fine print so they won't refund my $. This site has these Top Contributors whop censor comments as they get perks from the airline. Id tell everyone I know how they operate as Truth is a Defense to Slander. They really are an Evil Empire.

God Bless you for your Honest Comment.

New Arrival

Southwest USED to be my favorite airline but not sure it will be when it's safe to fly...l've been an A-lister for years, always recommended SW to family & friends --the flexibility of booking and attitude of employees and "keeping promises" were important to me. Heck, I even MET Herb Kelleher more than once. Understand this pandemic is unprecedented -- but start by keeping promises you make!  I booked a flight on May 20 -- called a day ahead to ask how many passengers were on the plane -- was told by the CSR that they couldn't tell me that info. Bcecause of SW's "open seating" you can't SEE how many passengers have booked like you can with other airlines. SW said: "Beginning May 11, we are also requiring that all Customers wear a protective mask or face covering in the airport and on the plane" ..NOT TRUE!  SW may be allowing just 10 passengers at at time board, but there was no guidance on social distancing boarding or deplaning -- I did that myself. I saw at least 2 passengers board w/o masks. I was #34 of 35 passengers -- went to the back to have lots of space. #35 sat across the aisle -- once we got to cruising altitude -- he took off his mask, ate a very -- um -- aromatic dinner (I was wearing cloth mask & N-95 mask & wearing gloves) and wore his mask less than 1/2 the time of a 2 1/2 hour flight -- I heard a few sneezes and coughs of other passengers -- some others had taken off their masks. I called the flight attendant over -- asked if he could pls. ask the passenger across the aisle (closest to me) to wear his mask and was told he COULDN'T because it's not federal law. Fact that the passenger was a big guy I think was a factor -- the attendant didn't want to provoke an issue. Now I'm in Day 10 of 14-day self-quarantine -- have no symptoms BUT IF IT'S NOT CLEAR BY NOW FOLKS ARE CONTAGIOUS BEFORE THEY SHOW SYMPTOMS SO WEARING MASKS IS CRUCIAL.  This is SW -- you (usually) have a way of making policies acceptable -- make AND ENFORCE this one too! Until then -- I'll find some other way to travel.