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Out of Lemons? Make Limonade. Or a Vodka Tonic.

Frequent Flyer B

Who remembers when we served margaritas onboard? Sounds good, but few people ordered them at the time, so we removed from the menu and have since added products like Monster Energy Drink and Coke Zero. 
To ensure that we are meeting Customer expectations and minding costs, we continually review our onboard menu – drinks, snacks, etc. – taking into consideration both Employee and Customer feedback as well as the actual usage of each product over a period of time. 
As a result of this review process, we recently updated our onboard wine selection and, beginning October 1st, we will begin offering Michelob Ultra in addition to our existing selection of Bud Light, Miller Lite, and Heineken. 
If cocktail’s are more your thing, you probably know that our beverage service has included both lemons and limes.  However, internal feedback and usage tells us that that limes are by far the favored of the two fruits, leaving us with spoiled fruit and needless waste.  So, as of September 14, 2009, we’re ditching the lemons. 

Bloody Mary and vodka tonic drinkers like me need not worry.  The limes stay!