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Out of the Old, Into the New: DAL

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“Is this really Dallas?”  Customers arriving at DAL after departing earlier in the week from the old terminal experienced “shock and awe” over the beauty and spaciousness of the beautiful new Terminal 2 at Love Field, which officially opened to the public on Tuesday.

The new centralized terminal will one day boast 20 gates—11 opened on Tuesday, and a 12th is scheduled to open this summer.   It’s clear from our Customers’ reactions that the joint effort between the City of Dallas and Southwest Airlines to modernize Love Field has been realized in a significantly positive way.
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as I was flying home from the culture committee meeting the other day I set next to a customer who is talking about the new Love Field Airport. He commented that he was so happy to see that the mosaic map of yhe world on yhe floor by the security entrance was still intact. He said as a child he and his family used to go to the airport as a Sunday excursion. His dad would explain that's the mosaic was a map of the world and that his father would place him and his siblings on different countries ...while getting a mini geography lesson. He was fearful that during renovation that the mosaic although dated...would be lost. Needless to say...he was thrilled to see it still there as a centerpiece. He told me he fondly remembers his father every time he sees it.