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P.A.W.S. Adopt a Pet Opportunity

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“IT’S ON” for our furry friends at Southwest! Last week, we not only celebrated Southwest’s birthday, but also the one-year anniversary of our P.A.W.S (Pets Are Welcome on Southwest) program.

Southwest accepts small, well behaved cats and dogs for a small charge of $75 each way.  They must be in an approved carrier and fit comfortably under the seat.  This ensures our furry Customers have a safe ride in the comfort of our pressurized cabins, and,of course, are treated with great Southwest hospitality.

Just like our Customers, we have many Employees who are passionate about animals--we even have a SWA Animal LUVers Group, who help place and foster abandoned cats and dogs.  As a member of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Charitable and Community Giving Board, several requests for donations are made from many animal-friendly groups in the area. The local board recently approved a donation to Addison–Carrollton Operation Kindness.

You may be wondering why I mentioned this and what it has to do with our P.A.W.S program.  Well, not much, besides the fact that the subject is pets!  This post is the first of a monthly feature that will tell the story of one of our small four-legged friends that is in need of a good home.  Out Local Giving Boards from around the Nation will select a P.A.W.S-size cat or dog in search of a new family and home.

This month, we present  ‘Tobias’ – a terrier with a waggin’ tail and great personality, and whose favorite books is “NUTS” (just kidding – Tobias is a smart pooch, however!).

If you are considering adopting a furry friend, please help Tobias or one of his four-legged friends! He is living at Addison – Carrollton Operation Kindness. The phone number is 972-418-7297.