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  The spring and summer months brings out us R/C (radio control) pilots so that we can show off our latest projects that took most or all winter for many to build. I've been flying R/C airplanes for 14 years, and I have never built an airplane from a box of sticks (kit form). I have always flown ARF's (almost ready to fly), and most of these type airplanes are 80-90 percent pre-built. I can't say that I spent all winter building an airplane because ARF's only take hours to build. The 2006 summer in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, however, has not been kind to us R/C pilots…IT'S HOT.  The only time that I had this summer to fly and teach my son to fly has been too hot, so I'm looking forward to the fall months and cooler weather so that we can charge the airplane's batteries, check the flight controls and linkages, and head out to the flying field to spread our wings.  I'm sure we won't be the only ones there.   Happy flying.
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Next summer you may want to consider bidding out to the Bay Area (OAK or SJC) they have some great r/c facilities and you don't get the TX humdity. One of them is near Livermore and can be seen from Interstate 580. Another one if found near Ione near Hwy 104 (SMF is the closest SWA airport) for this facility. Given the fact that Southwest families get to fly free, don't limit yourself to Texas for your radio-controlled piloting needs.
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As a fellow Dallas resident, I can only say that I agree with you 100% that it needs to cool down. We had a few weeks which showed promise, but then the heat spike came back and dashed those dreams. Though I am not an r/c pilot, I share a similar goal involving cooler weather... Mainly, I don't want to sweat everytime I step outside :P Also, as a (hopeful) future Southwest employee, I just wanted to comment that the fact that this blog even exists shows the very reason Southwest has maintained profitability and earned kudos for corporate culture. Even if I do not get the position, I just want to say Bravo to you all!