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'Pay with Amazon' Welcomed Onboard!


I toss my bag in the overhead compartment, slide my coat beneath the seat in front of me, and slowly relax into my seat to enjoy the flight.  As I tap my phone into airplane mode, I realize the aircraft has WiFi—score!  But wait, where did I put my wallet? Is it in my bag that’s stowed away? Did my friend ever hand it back to me after dinner?  The last thing I want to do is dig around my purse to find it. Thankfully, I realized, Southwest Airlines offers Pay with Amazon to make onboard purchases stress-free. With the Customer Experience top-of-mind, Southwest Airlines is offering Customers an innovative way to purchase products while in the air.  Now, Customers accessing the onboard Entertainment Portal, powered by Global Eagle Entertainment, can purchase WiFi, Messaging, and Movies using Pay with Amazon. The new payment platform offers Customers the security of using their Amazon account to make a purchase. When asked for payment, Customers who choose the Pay with Amazon option will be directed to log in with their Amazon account credentials to complete their purchase. It may have taken me two attempts to remember my Amazon Payments log-in and password, but it was a whole lot easier than throwing the contents of my purse all over the Passenger next to me!