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Peanut Eating Styles

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Something I’ve always noticed when flying is the various ways people choose to eat our famous onboard snack… peanuts.  Beginning this week, we’ll start the rotation back to Lightly Salted Peanuts (we rotate from Honey Roasted to Lightly Salted every few months) so I thought it would be prime time to ask our fans online their different peanut-eating styles.  Personally, I prefer the lightly salted peanuts and I eat them one at a time with my favorite onboard drink, Ginger Ale (sometimes I add Wild Turkey if I’m traveling for fun).  So cheers to Lightly Salted Peanuts for the next few months, and maybe try out some of these snacking techniques next time you fly courtesy of our Twitter followers:

Peanut Tweet
Peanut Tweet Two
Tweet 3

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BRING BACK DRY-ROASTED PEANUTS PLEASE!! FYI - the Peanut "Pecking" Order goes as follows: Dry Roasted > Lightly Salted >>>>>> Honey Roast
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I'll be counting the days until honey roasted are back in the rotation. I wait until my drink arrives and savor them one at a time.
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Hooray! I bet lightly salted are gluten free. I was able to have the honey roasted! I will just be happy to have my favorite inflight snack back!
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Glad the salty ones are back. Not a fan of honey roasted. You're so right about how funny it is to watch people. Personally, I pour a few in my hand, then toss 'em down the gullet, then repeat until they're gone. That leaves the wonderful salt at the end that has to precede the last sip in the glass of coke. 🙂 Fun tidbit, thanks!
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pass on the pretzels, mention you're a diabetic and can't eat them - that gets you extra peanuts. Eat them one at a time, savoring the flavor of that slow roasted goodness.....
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Personally, I find it very irresponsible for airlines to continue to serve peanuts on board their flights.There are so many people out there with life threatening allergies to peanuts. Even if precautions are taken, if you are at 30,000 feet in the air an epi-pen may not be able to save your life without immediate followup care. Really people?? Whats wrong with pretzels??
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i love d honey roasted i ways ask for more cuz i eats mine right away i try to get extra bags for my daddy dwayne because he is always the one to pay and let me visit my other family
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Our family cannot fly Southwest because one of our granddaughters has a severe peanut allergy. Southwest would be even more family oriented and eliminated peanurs as an option, just as some otehr airlines have done. Wonder how much business you are loosing because of the peanuts because the number of people who are severely allergic is growing. On the other hand how many people do you think book on Southwest because of the peanuts you distribute?
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I for one find it refreshing that Southwest Airlines still serves peanuts. No one forces them on the allergic.
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Some of us who are gluten-free (not by choice) appreciate that Southwest serves salted peanuts, as the are the ONLY gluten-free snack that are offered on SW flights. And as it is, only every other year, because they alternate with the honey-roasted which are not gluten-free.