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Peep Peep, Who's Got the Keys to the Jeep? Vrooooom!

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What comes in six different colors, has two eyes, and outsells any other non-chocolate candy during Easter? Why PEEPS, of course! While most people eat them, we in Culture Services like to think outside the basket…er…box.

The assignment: Honor the classic candy by making a display using a box of PEEPS.

The competition:  Culture Activities, Culture Ambassadors, The Village, Culture Outreach, Internal Customer Care, Pass Bureau, and Programs and Administration.

Obviously being such an intense competition, each Team put hours of work into its display. As time passed and hunger pains kicked in, those little PEEPS began to feel a little softer and smell a little better. The bunnies’ beady eyes stared into yours, enticing you to take off an ear. But, no! This is not the Hunger Games! Each PEEP is a valuable part of the competition.

On Judgment Day, all Teams gathered in a common area to display their creations and the battle had begun. The themes were clever, and the detail was impeccable.

Every PEEP held his and her breath as a select group of guest judges announced the winner…

 Peep Wobble

First Place: Programs and Administration’s “The Wobble"

Chili Peepoff

Second Place: The Culture Ambassador’s “2nd and Last Chili PEEPoff”

Peep PSA

Third Place: Culture Outreach’s “PSA—PEEPS Security Administration”

This April, what will you do with all of those PEEPS the Bunny left you? Eat them? Lame. Try jazzing it up with a FUN recipe, or use them to make a cute craft!  

Peep Smores

PEEP s'mores, anyone?

PEEP Vases

A PEEP vase for Mum? 

Peep Wreath

PEEP Wreath!