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Pilots Deliver the LUV to RMHC

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2012 is only a few days old, but already our Pilots are showing their Servant's Hearts in a big way. At a news conference in front of Southwest Headquarters earlier this week, the Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association handed over the keys to three, shiny new vans to the Ronald McDonald House. Last year, SWAPA held fundraising events across the system, raising more than $104,000 for the Ronald McDonald House charity.

SWAPA had originally pledged to raise money to purchase a new van for the Ronald McDonald house of Dallas to honor Southwest Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Herb Kelleher. This effort was to recognize his induction into the Entrepreneurs for North Texas “Ring of Entrepreneurs” hall of fame. Their fundraising campaign was a great success! SWAPA was able to purchase three vans—one van will stay in Dallas, the other two are headed to the Ronald McDonald Houses in Las Vegas and Orlando.

Herb at SWAPA Van Donation

During the delivery of vans, Herb expressed his profound gratitude to the Pilots of Southwest for their fundraising efforts. “This is one of the most moving moments that I’ve ever had, and I’m just very grateful to SWAPA and to the Pilot cadre, not only for this occasion but also for the tremendous Leadership, wisdom, and foresight that you have provided Southwest Airlines for many decades as the greatest generation of Pilots in the history of the American airline Industry. I thank you with profound gratitude, and I salute you.”

Herb also expressed his appreciation to the staff at the Ronald McDonald House for the work they do to keep families together as their child endures a serious medical crisis. “Their staff and their patients have been an inspiration to all of us and have gratified our Servant’s Hearts with joy and respect for a long, long time.”

But that’s not all—SWAPA is also sending $3,000 to the Ronald McDonald Houses in each Pilot Base not receiving a van. Thanks to our hard-working Pilots for delivering the LUV for those who need it most.


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Your staff make every vacation a memorable one. I have had more fun on the plane than when I got to my destination! Now, how does that happen? I got to the airport one day early to drop off my friend headed to Kuwait. I was going to have to get a hotel and sit around waiting on my scheduled flight. I thought, I wonder how much it would cost to buy another ticket for today? So at the curb, I asked the guy if there was a chance to change my date? He said, "Jump On " no extra charge, he grabbed my bags and checked me in on the side of the road. It was like I planned it! Those wings on the side of that plane are real Angel Wings with my name on it in more than one occation. Last but not least, my son had brain surgery for seizures he had for 18 years of his life. We were at the hospital in Houston when a lady asked me if I had ever heard of the Ronald McDonald House? I hadn't and was sleeping on the floor for three weeks beside my son. She gave me the number, it was nothing but a miracle for all my family. I was so thankful to God for taking care of us and showing us that we were not alone and people really did care. My son's surgery was a success, he hasn't had a seizure in 14 years. After his surgery I asked him what he wanted for Christmas sense we missed it in the hospital? His response was " He wanted to walk down the street!" That my friend is my thanks to you for caring from the bottom of my heart " I will never forget it."