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Plano Academy Arrival

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Our project has finally come to an end. These six weeks have gone by so fast! Over the weeks, our seniors have retained so much knowledge from this amazing experience. I know our mentors couldn’t agree more. Project presentations were outstanding! At first, I was so nervous before presenting. Thankfully, my team and I nailed it! Now that it’s all said and done, I am free to disclose our product design.


PlanoAcademy6.jpgOver the past six weeks, my teammates and I have been designing a rewards system in hopes of making the middle seat more reputable. We created a character by the name of Mike. Middle Seat Mike was a plan based off of earning points every time you sit in the middle seat. Essentially, you would be able to redeem your points by scanning the barcode on the back of Mike and then receive free gifts.


Over time, this small idea of creating a Middle Seat Mike program suddenly blossomed and brought it self to life! We got so much positive feedback. If it wasn’t for my amazing team, this design probably would have never flourished. I’d also like to acknowledge our snazzy mentors, Sonia Avila and John Jones, who are a part of the Visual Communications Team in the Communication & Outreach Department.


As we talked to other teams, we noticed that our experience with our solution process wasn’t any different than other teams’. There was one group that redesigned the flight attendant snack carts, making sure they are more space efficient. Instead of creating storage for soda cans, they installed a soda dispenser. How cool would that be if this actually came out on the market in the near future?! 



This project was an educational experience that allowed students to express their learning through creation and innovation. This is why Plano Academy wants to make sure we sustain this ongoing program for future years. On behalf of the Titan family, it was such a pleasure working with Southwest!