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Playlists anyone?

Adventurer C

Running weather. Here in Phoenix, it usually corresponds with the time shortly after school starts. I've never been a runner, but I did run in the PF Changs Rock 'n Roll Arizona 1/2 Marathon a couple of years ago. It's 13.2 miles, and I don't have that long of an attention span, so my husband caved into the marketing pressure and bought me an iPod. Although I thought it was a waste of money at the time, I have to admit I've had fun with it - particularly with the playlist function. I've made a few lists, and I always wonder what other people are listening to when I see them run by with their little white earbuds. Not being particularly motivated to run, I need a big that makes me want to run. So, I'm sharing a list of mine with you, at the risk of maybe allowing too much insight into my brain. What are your playlists? I'm training for the half marathon again. This time I'm walking with my sisters. Suggestions?

  • Growing Up – Peter Gabriel
  • Stickshifts and Safetybelts – Cake
  • Rockaway Beach – The Ramones
  • Keep it Up – Boomtown Rats
  • Hang Onto Yourself - David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust version
  • Down Love – Replacements
  • Los Angeles – X
  • Do You In – Boomtown Rats
  • IOU - The Replacements
  • Till My Head Falls Off – They Might Be Giants
  • Hateful – The Clash
  • Touch and Go – Cars
  • Indie Hair – The Heads
  • This Must Be the Place – Talking Heads