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Please Stop Kicking My Seat!

Adventurer C
One of my biggest fears while sitting in the middle seat of an airplane is falling asleep.  I am not a nervous flyer, and I don't at all mind sitting in the middle seat...what scares me is the possibility of falling asleep and accidentally cuddling with my next door neighbor.  Many times while flying, I've woken myself up with the napping head jerk (you know what I'm talking about) but as far as I know, I have yet to lay my head on a stranger's shoulder during nap time.  I started thinking how annoying that would be for my fellow passengers, which made me wonder else irritates people while they're flying. According to a recent poll on a travel website, following are a few violations of airplane etiquette that bother people the most: Incessant Talker: Chatters non-stop                            23% Rapid Recliner: Wheels up, in your lap                          20% Arm Rest Hog: Elbow wrestling, you lose                      12% Carry-on Champ: Bashes bags left and right                 12% Seat Back Grabber: Grabs your seat to get up              11% Who Me?: Yes, you; turn off your cell phone                 10% Flight DJ: iPod loud enough for all                                  3% The Boozer: Unscheduled landing anyone?                     3% Mad Bladder: Quaff-n-go maniac                                   1% Dare I ask what habits you find annoying about your fellow travelers??