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Policy Update & Clarification: Extending Travel Credit

Blog updated April 4, 2020, at 7:40 pm CT


With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our Customers, our operation, and our Employees, we wanted to update you on decisions regarding extending travel credit for Customers. Please keep in mind this is a rapidly changing and dynamic situation that requires constant assessment and adjustment. The good news is we are making some Customer-friendly changes.


With the unprecedented cancellations and airport closings happening every day, we understand travel plans are changing for many Customers. So, we are making a temporary exception to our already very flexible travel funds policy. As you may know, our current policy outlines that nonrefundable tickets not flown on the travel date, but canceled in accordance with Southwest’s No Show Policy, can be applied to future travel up to one year from the original purchase date, but must be used by the individual named on the ticket.


In recognition of the current travel environment, we are once again extending the expiration date of some travel funds:


  • Customers with travel funds that would have expired or will expire between
    March 1- June 30, 2020, will expire on June 30, 2021.

  • Any travel funds created because a Customer cancels a flight between March 1– June 30, 2020, will expire on June 30, 2021.

We hope this additional policy enhancement provides our Customers with more flexibility and options for future travel planning.


It will take our Technology Teams a few weeks to make these changes to the expiration date of the funds, and we appreciate your patience while our Teams work quickly to make this happen. This gives Customers an additional year to use their funds and take the same trip next year as they were planning to take this year. 


We hope the above information is helpful in assisting you as we navigate through this unchartered territory.


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I just re-checked and now it's Sept 2022, Awesome thanks SW!

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My husband and i have called Southwest 4 TIMES to cancel our trip and either get a refund or travel funds. The airfare portion has been taken care of but the land portion has not. The last call was on 4/24/2020 and we were told we would receive an email about a week later detailing the conversation we had and how to access the travel funds. This is thousands of dollars and I have no confirmation of our conversation nor the promise of the travel funds or refund. If I do not receive an email this week I will be filing a credit card dispute. All i want is an email confirming our conversation. Thank you. 

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Go and file a complaint with Department of Transportation


Also use social media outlets to contact them and post your story on their pages. 

File a complaint with as well and put a review up. 


If you have a hotel booking and made through them they will give you the run around. You need to contact the third party company who books hotel. I had to contact Apple Leisure Group via same outlets , social media, letters, emails and phone calls . I even sent a message to CEO's on LinkedIn . 


Apple Leisure Group
7 Campus Blvd.
Newtown Square, PA 19073
Ph. 610.359.6500


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So with People with a terminal illness that have months to live what do you say to them?


Hi @Dashgupta. Our Hearts go out to those impacted by COVID-19, and we know everyone's situation is unique. We encourage Customers with a terminal illness to reach out to our Customer Relations Team via the options below to learn their options. Thank you.


Phone: 1-855-234-4654

Twitter: @SouthwestAir

Facebook: @SouthwestAir

Email here.

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Very disappointed with Southwest over their cancellation policy during this time!  Cancelled my travel plans today and my travel credit is only good through January when I booked the flight.  I don’t think with the currently worsening situation in numerous states that I will fly in the next 8 months.  Also my early check-in was not credited when the only reason I booked it is so my 7 year old and 9 year old can be guaranteed to sit by me on the flight.  They are too old to board during the child boarding time between A and B.  If Southwest doesn’t make better accommodations for people during this challenging time, I will be unlikely to use Southwest in the future and support other airlines once travel becomes safer.

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I too am very displeased with the "future credit" policy as it applies to me.  I purchased tickets to New Orleans and when named a "hot spot" I canceled the tickets and changed to Salt Lake City and onto Yellowstone for a family reunion.  This too was canceled and a total of $1300 was lost to credits and worse, they will not refund the money I paid for my kids (can't use their amount by 2022).  Being over 70 we have health concerns and who knows what the future brings.  


Come on Southwest, how about refunding the money I spent on my kids that would be traveling by 2022?  A bit unfair to keep the funds don't you think?

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Go and file a complaint with Department of Transportation   asking for your money back and not the credit travel funds.....explain in detail why. 

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The plan is not that flexible. I made a reservation for July 4, 2020 to fly into Houston but with their cases rising it is no longer best for me to go. When tried to cancel my flight, the RUDE customer service representative told me I can only receive travel funds because my ticket in nonrefundable but I did not see an option to purchase insurance. She later said "we just don't give out refunds because of covid". The tone for one was unacceptable and made me skeptical to fly Southwest and this is my first time booking with you guys so I am on the fence.  I will not be flying for the rest of the year and if the Travel Funds expire why not OFFER a refund option to those who don't fly frequently with this company to either take the travel funds or give them a refund. For instance, lets say if my travel funds expire do you issue a refund out then if so why cant you do that now. I would like my money back please and thank you!

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My wife and I had to cancel two flights because of COVID, and our age (85) along  with medical conditions.  The extensions don't give us much more time, so given our season of life and medical concerns and limited income, please consider a needed refund totalling $1,389.84.  Thank you.


D. E. VanderBrug

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I was told that since I, we, booked our flight with "Wanna Get Away", a Non-refundable policy(?) ticket instead will be used for future use(travel funds). Of course, Southwest tickets on sale with Wanna Get Away.  Does anyone know this COVID-19 is coming? We both are seniors, 70, 75, vulnerable to this virus, with chronic heart disease, diabetic, etc.. Wearing masks for a prolonged period of time, fear of being quarantined are very qualifying grounds Not to fly. Instead, the response is we will be able to use the travel funds in the future. BUT, we simply want our money back Today, Now, refund us, and then we'll decide later IF we'll fly again.

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Question: We were on board a flight in December 2019. The flight was eventually cancelled and everyone was asked to deplane. At the airport, we were given two vouchers, each valued at $200. So, we have a total of $400 in airfare to use. It expires in December. Is the expiration date going to be extended on these vouchers? 


After scrolling this forum, we are confused. We would appreciate an official reply.